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It’s easy to begin the process of getting a Will or other estate planning document.

startPlease follow these steps:

1) Download the Estate Planning Questionnaire. After you download it, it should take no longer than twenty minutes to fill in the blanks. If you have any questions, call us for instructions.  1-877-WILL NOW. We now take calls until 6:00 PM EST on weekends and until 10:00 PM EST on weekdays.

2) Download our “Retainer Agreement.” Lawyers are not permitted to represent new clients without first putting in writing the scope of representation and the fees for the services to be provided.

3) Call our toll-free number to let us know of your interest in our services. Arrangements will be made to arrange a free estate planning consultation in our office or by telephone.

4) Relax. This is a law firm–not a sales organization.  We do not pressure you to retain our firm or to use our services. By answering your questions thoroughly, by tailoring an estate plan to your particular circumstances and by being responsive to your requests, we hope to instill you with the confidence to choose our firm and use our services.

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