Last Wills

last willThe cornerstone of traditional estate planning is the drafting and signing of a Last Will & Testament.  The purpose of a Last Will & Testament is to direct how property owned by you at the time of your death is to be distributed to your heirs.

There are many misconceptions about getting a will done.  First, the drafting of a last will is not a time-consuming task.  Because of technological advancements in document preparation, I am able to draft the last will for a typical client in less than an hour.  That is why I can price the document at $95.00.  Remember, I am a lawyer, not a document preparer. The value you receive for your money includes access to an attorney who will answer your questions, who will address your concerns, and who will make sure your last will complies with Florida legal requirements. You cannot get that value or service from an on-line, non-lawyer, legal document preparation site.

Second, you do not need to spend hours gathering financial documents before discussing your estate planning situation with your attorney.  The lawyer does not need a list of all your property and financial accounts.  For example, say you wish to leave your estate to three people in equal shares.  The attorney does not need to know the location and account numbers of all your different bank and brokerage accounts to achieve such a distribution plan.

The manner in which you sign your will is just as important as what you put in it.  If a will is not signed properly, its contents are not enforceable. To be valid, a will must have two witnesses.  The witnesses sign the will stating that they watched the will maker – “the testator”- sign the document after hearing a declaration that the document was his or her Last Will & Testament.  I will assist you in the process of getting the will correctly witnessed to make sure it is valid.