Living Wills

living willAll states recognize living wills.  The living will is typically used when a person is so gravely ill or injured that death is imminent.  Its basic purpose is to advise healthcare providers as to what steps they should take to keep you alive artificially if your body is not able to sustain itself.  A living will sets forth your health care directives ahead of any traumatic injury or condition that might leave you unable to communicate.

On the other hand, less severe illnesses and injuries may not be life-threatening but may, nonetheless, render a person incapable of communicating health care choices.  In anticipation of such a situation, a document called a “Designation of a Health Care Surrogate” is prepared to deal with those issues.  In your Designation of a Health Care Surrogate you designate a person of your choice to act as your health care representative should you be incapacitated and no longer capable of communicating your preferences.