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PowerLegal*, P.A., is a Florida law firm whose purpose is to provide consumers, anywhere within the state of Florida, with a better choice than using unlicensed, non-lawyer paralegals for basic, inexpensive, legal documents.  If you need a last will, revocable trust, deed, or prenuptial agreement, compare this law firm’s fees and services with what many non-lawyer paralegals charge for similar documents and services.  The itemized fees charged by PowerLegal, P.A. are listed here.

Independent paralegals and paralegal service companies, like Legalzoom™, want you to believe that they can provide important legal documents easier and cheaper than you would get from a lawyer. They usually tell you upfront that they are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.  Basically, these non-lawyer businesses offer document preparation with fill-in-the-blank formats for last wills, revocable trusts, deeds, etc. The consumer answers a series of routine questions and, when the blanks are filled in, the document is ready to be printed.

It’s the absence of legal counsel and the inability to have legal questions answered that exposes the consumer to making mistakes—sometimes serious—during the document creation process. If you use a non-lawyer, document preparation service to draft your last will and you make a serious mistake, your intended beneficiaries may be saddled with significant legal fees trying to straighten out the mistake.  When you make a serious mistake in drafting a deed, the grantee may be saddled with expensive title issues costing far more than what the defective deed cost.

When using paralegals and document preparation services, the consumer does not get to experience the dynamic of the lawyer-client consultation.  Generally speaking, the lawyer-client consultation creates the foundation for the preparation of correct legal documents. The attorney at PowerLegal, P.A. offers all clients a one-on-one session where you and the attorney get to ask each other questions and listen to answers.  It’s important for the attorney to ask questions to determine your objectives and understand the facts of your case which influence whether you can achieve your objective. The lawyer-client consultation gives you the opportunity to ask the lawyer questions about any legal words, phrases, concepts or laws that you don’t understand.

With document preparation companies, the consumer often is offered “optional” services, such as expedited delivery for an additional cost. These optional services drive up the cost.  A fee that initially appears inexpensive for a basic document, like a will or deed, can become much less of a bargain when the consumer opts for the add-ons.

PowerLegal, P.A.’s flat fee structure includes many of the services and add-ons for which document preparers charge extra.  If you are a PowerLegal, P.A. client and able to visit the PowerLegal office, you will not be charged extra for any notary public service done in-house. Witnesses are present when the client is ready to sign documents at the PowerLegal, P.A office. Court filing fees and recording fees, if any, are the only extra costs you will be charged.

If you are a PowerLegal, P.A client located too far away for an office visit, consultations are done by phone and email exchanges. There is no extra charge for mailing documents to clients.  You can download our Will Questionnaire or Retainer Agreement, fill them out, save and attach them in an email to us at  Skype is available for those clients with the necessary computer connections and equipment. Documents sent by mail are accompanied by explicit instructions regarding the correct procedures for signing legal documents according to Florida law.

*Formerly known as The Klemow Law Firm, P.A.

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