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Practice areas

Practice Areas

Estate Planning and Administration: A properly drafted estate plan guides your loved ones through the administration stage of settling the estate. A large part of the PowerLegal, P.A. practice consists of drafting last wills and trusts for clients. Almost as important is providing clients with durable powers of attorneys and designation of health care surrogate documents.After a person’s death, property that needs to be distributed either goes through probate, trust distribution or transfers by right of survivorship. PowerLegal P.A. represents heirs and beneficiaries all over the state of Florida.

Another PowerLegal practice area is drafting prenuptials. It is very important that each spouse-to-be has his or her own attorney. A single attorney should not represent both sides.

Elder Law: PowerLegal will guide your family through the process of dealing with a family member or loved one whose health is failing or whose assets are exposed to long term care expenses. The attorney at PowerLegal is familiar with the issues facing our aging population. Qualified Income Trusts and Enhanced Life Estate Deeds are often useful when dealing with Medicaid eligibility. Many times we refer our clients to board certified elder law attorneys if the situation calls for expert guidance.  

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