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prenuptial services

Prenuptial Services

Although considered more of a family law instrument, a prenuptial agreement is a form of estate planning. By saying who gets assets if there is a divorce or death, the parties are contracting to avoid future litigation amongst themselves or future participants of their estates. PowerLegal, P.A. has represented many future grooms and brides who desired to enter into a prenuptial contract. To have a valid and enforceable prenuptial agreement, each spouse-to-be needs his or her own attorney. A single attorney should never represent both sides in the drafting and execution of a prenuptial agreement. It is considered a conflict of interest for an attorney to represent both future spouses in drafting a prenup.

At the same time, having two attorneys will generate two legal fees instead of one. Hoping to make the process more affordable, PowerLegal, P.A. tries to cap the fee for representing one of the parties at $500. Included in the $500.00 fee is the drafting of the document. In most cases, there are no additional costs to the Powerlegal, P.A. client above the $500.00. Possible additional fees could arise if the parties want the signing session recorded on video.

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